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Unlike the world of commercial airliners, the reality of private aviation is that information regarding the safety of airplanes and operators is much less transparent and certainly not as easily accessible. While you can easily search up a commercial airline’s safety history, this is not something you can as simply do with private aircraft. Furthermore, most brokers in this industry will conceal or simply not bother to check an operator’s safety ratings.

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Private jet pilot

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Safety. Verified by Onyx

We have created a proprietary Onyx Verified (OV) program that goes beyond all government regulations when it comes to vetting an operator’s safety record. Before presenting you with an aircraft option for a flight, we thoroughly research both the operator and the aircraft’s incident history (if any), the age of the aircraft, the standards they set for their pilots, as well as the frequency of maintenance inspections. Our tech-powered OV database ensures that you will always fly in utmost safety with complete peace of mind.

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