Why Private?

At Onyx Air, we recognize that time is your most precious resource, and private aviation is a service that maximizes the valuable time that you have on your hands, be it time for business, or time spent with your loved ones.

Private Jet Charter

A Smooth Booking Experience

From locating the best aircraft fit for your needs from over 15,000 aircraft and over 1,000 operators available worldwide, to ensuring that the aircraft in question has a stellar safety record and offers the utmost level of luxury and comfort, to arranging catering, ground transport, and airport services, Onyx Air makes the experience of private aviation as easy as it should be. As we like to say, our experience makes yours better!

Some Say That Flying Private Is An Unnecessary Extravagance. We Couldn’t Disagree More.

Scenario One

Your Private Office in the Air

Take, for instance, the following scenario: You are an executive of a large corporation and need to get to three different meetings in three different cities in one day. Flying private not only enables you to easily accomplish a feat that would be impossible with commercial flights, but also allows you to travel in comfort, safety, and privacy. You can prepare for those meetings from the privacy of your office in the air instead of having to deal with airport security queues, rude staff, and high chances of delays and cancellations.

Scenario Two

Maximize Your Valuable Time

Now, imagine a second scenario: You are the same busy executive, and you would like to take your family on a short weekend holiday. But, as luck would have it, there are no direct commercial flights to your destination, and the layovers mean that you’d lose most of the time you planned to spend on the beach. Flying private allows you to go wherever you want, whenever you want. By chartering an airplane with Onyx Air, you can maximize the precious time you spend relaxing with your loved ones.

Excellence in Luxury Aviation


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