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Flying to the Other Side of the World
Should Be as Simple as Driving
to the Other Side of Town

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Flying to the other side of the world should be as simple as driving to the other side of town.

With Onyx Air, you can say goodbye to countless calls, texts, emails, and contracts just to arrange a quick 1 hour flight.

Simply choose your preferred communication platform, tell us when and where you want to go, and our around the clock team will handle the rest.

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On Demand Charters

At Onyx Air, we make it our business to ensure that every flight you take is as memorable as your first.

From the moment you start planning your flight, to the moment you step off the plane, our team is at your disposal to ensure that no detail is overlooked.

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Onyx One Membership

Members get access to wholesale rates directly from aircraft operators on flights worldwide with zero restrictions.

The Onyx One Membership program offers you our full white-glove experience of private jet charter without the commissions and booking fees.

Book at a moment’s notice and fly any aircraft you want, anywhere you want.

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Get access
to a global fleet

As a client or member of Onyx Air, you get access to a global fleet of thousands of aircraft from small turboprops for short hops, to luxurious jets for 5 star flying, to airliners for large groups.

In addition to meeting our standards for service, each aircraft we offer you has to go through our rigorous safety vetting program.

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Discover more about
the exclusive benefits and discounts

From travel agencies, to sports teams, to hotels & casinos, to lifestyle concierge services

Onyx Air is proud to work with companies and institutions that need a reliable aviation partner.

Contact us to discover more about the exclusive benefits and discounts your business can get as an Onyx Partner.

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Onyx Air is not just about
booking flights

We’re a team with a vision of a world where flying to the other side of the globe is as simple as driving to the other side of town. Flying has gone from a glamorous and fun experience to a dreaded and stressful ordeal. Our mission is to bring it back.

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