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Why Private?

At Onyx Air, we recognize that time is your most precious resource, and private aviation is a service that maximizes the valuable time that you have on your hands, be it time for business, or time spent with your loved ones.


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Why Onyx?

At Onyx Air we are different, and we mean it. Let’s be honest, there are more air charter brokers than you can count. Zero regulation means that pretty much anyone can enter this business with no vetting or training whatsoever. On top of that, you may find that your broker is nowhere to be reached once you book a flight. Learn more about how we are different.


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Onyx Air makes the experience of private aviation as easy as it should be. You can read more about our 6-step process which will explain in detail how a flight works with Onyx Air.


We have created a proprietary Onyx Verified (OV) program that goes beyond all government regulations when it comes to vetting an operator’s safety record. Before presenting you with an aircraft option for a flight, we thoroughly research both the operator and the aircraft’s incident history (if any), the age of the aircraft, the standards they set for their pilots, as well as the frequency of maintenance inspections. Our tech-powered OV database ensures that you will always fly in utmost safety with complete peace of mind.

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Your Safety is Our Top Priority

Empty Legs

One of the best-kept secrets of private aviation is the concept of an empty leg flight. These deeply discounted flights are available when an aircraft needs to fly from its base (or current location) to another airport where it has a scheduled departure.

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