Onyx One Membership

The What

The Onyx One Membership offers you our full white-glove experience of private jet charter without the commissions and booking fees. Members get access to wholesale rates and discounts directly from aircraft operators on flights worldwide with zero restrictions. Book at a moment’s notice and fly any aircraft you want, anywhere you want.

The Why

Except for flights in very specific and very remote locations, where only one or two aircraft operators are available, booking almost any private flight is done through a broker. This is because the private aviation world is extremely fragmented, and finding the right aircraft for any given flight from among hundreds of possible operators requires deep industry knowledge and connections.

Yet, the most common complaints from clients are the often unscrupulous and dishonest practices of many brokers. Thanks to their connections, brokers will often get access to deep discounts from aircraft operators, and then significantly mark up the price before presenting it to their clients. Zero transparency and limited information leaves many passengers none the wiser.

At Onyx Air, we saw this as an opportunity to make an impact and put our clients first. We created a membership program that gives you access to real rates directly from the aircraft operator, with no commissions or booking fees of any kind.

There are hundreds of jet cards and other memberships on the market. None offer anything close to Onyx One. The standard “hour-denominated” jet cards which promise you a set amount of hours at a fixed fee have an already built-in margin, usually with a large cushion. The newer “dynamic” or “cash-denominated” memberships are little more than debit cards that you can use the same way you would book a normal on demand charter.

Comparison Table

The How

The Onyx One Membership is very simple in the way it works. There is only a one-time fee to become a member, and tiers vary on the amount of hours a member wants to fly. Membership never expires and the membership fee is refundable for unused hours.

Members have access to complimentary limousine transfers on select flights, and are also assigned a personal liaison who understands all the unique needs and specifics of each member.


Comparing different solutions

Classic Charter vs Standard Jet Card vs Onyx One Membership

Classic Charter Standard Jet Card Onyx One Membership
Guaranteed Access to Operator Discounts
Price Transparency
No Markups or Booking Fees
Complimentary Limousine Transfers on Select Flights
No Peak Day Surcharges
Worldwide Access
Choice of Any Aircraft Category
Membership Never Expires
Membership is Refundable

Discuss Your Membership Options

Get in touch with us today! We would love to tell you more about how the Onyx One Membership can work for you.