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Why Private?

Time is money, and a private jet is a time machine.

Chartering a flight is more than just glitz and glamor- it allows you to be wherever you want, whenever you want. Oh, and getting harassed by airport staff? You can forget all about that!

Scenario One

Your Personal Time Machine and Office

Take, for instance, the following scenario:

You are a busy CEO and need to get to three different meetings in three different cities in one day.

Flying private enables you to easily accomplish a feat that would be impossible with commercial flights.

You can prepare for those meetings from the privacy of your office in the air instead of having to deal with long lines, rude staff, and high chances of delays and cancellations.

Scenario Two
Scenario Two

Jet Anywhere

Now, imagine a second scenario:

You would like to take your family on a trip to Patagonia in Argentina or to Umphang in Thailand.

Flying commercial means multiple long layovers, red-eye flights, sleepless nights. Fly private, beat the jet lag, and arrive ready to explore!

Jet With Your Pet

Jet With Your Pet

For the furry members of the family, flying can often be extremely complicated. But not when you fly private! Bring your pet on board, and let them enjoy the thrill of flying together with you.

Most operators have absolutely no problem accommodating pets, and our team is there to make the process even simpler and smoother.

Why Onyx Air?
Why Onyx Air?

Flying to the other side of the world should be as simple as driving to the other side of town

Simplicity & Responsiveness

Anyone that has booked a private flight before knows how long and complicated the process can be. Dozens of back and forths with your broker, calls, texts, emails, DocuSigns…

At Onyx Air, we make the process as simple as possible, while putting service first. You get to choose your preferred channel of communication, and everything happens there. Our signature Text/ WhatsApp features make it easy to reference any detail about your flight plans at any time.

Onyx Air is also committed to being the most responsive broker in the industry. That is because you don’t deal with a broker, you deal with a brand. Never worry about your not getting a response to a question or request. With constant monitoring of all channels, our team is available for you around the clock.

Service First. Tech Second.

We’re a team of humans working for humans. Every trip and every client is unique, so instead of making you fill in a form and generating impersonal quotes, we talk to you. Whether through a call, text, or voice message, you can tell us exactly what you want, and we will tailor the search for the optimal flight solution exactly as per your needs. No detail left unnoticed.

As a broker, it is sometimes difficult to control the quality of third party aircraft operators. Thankfully, at Onyx Air, we know where to put our clients. Our team collects feedback from passengers after each flight, and we use that information to better filter the options we give you going forward.

Special Treatment

In the early days, flying used to be a special occasion meant to be enjoyed fully. We believe it should still be like that.

From enjoying a world class gourmet meal at 40,000 feet, to flying on the newest model aircraft, to watching unreleased movies on board, to landing at secluded, private airports minutes away from your final destination, with Onyx Air, the sky is truly the limit to what is possible.

Arrive In Style

As a signature offering, Onyx Air is also proud to offer complimentary limousine transfers on select routes.


Last, but most certainly not least, Onyx Air takes every measure to ensure your safety while on board.

Our team goes far beyond minimum regulations when it comes to operator safety requirements, and we never, and we mean never, put you aboard aircraft with less-than-stellar safety records.

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Simply choose your preferred communication platform, tell us when and where you want to go, and our around the clock team will handle the rest.

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