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Onyx Air is not just about booking flights

We’re a team with a vision of a world where flying to the other side of the globe is as simple as driving to the other side of town. Flying has gone from a glamorous and fun experience to a dreaded and stressful ordeal.

Our mission is to bring it back.

Sky’s the Limit,

Stay tuned for more exciting things to come.

Teodor Parolo Tasevski
Founder & CEO

Picture the old days of aviation, the 1950’s. Everyone wore their best clothes, airplanes had plush leather seats with plenty of legroom, flight attendants served champagne and caviar, and passengers would get off the plane feeling good about themselves.

Compare that to today. Planes are late, seating is cramped, onboard food is tasteless, you may get overbooked, and you will get yelled at.

Pretty big difference, right?

Flying private offers you everything that aviation should. At Onyx Air, we match world class service with supreme efficiency, and safety with the lowest prices. Because who said that you need to overpay for luxury?

But we didn’t stop there.

Because Onyx Air is not just about private aviation. It’s about aviation. That’s why we developed a service that gives commercial airline passengers private jet treatment.

And we won’t stop here.

Onyx Air intends to fully transform the entire business of aviation. Because flying should not only be glamorous and exciting. It should be simple. Flying to the other side of the globe should be as simple as driving to the other side of town.

And it will be.


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